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Solent Leadership Academy

Solent's Leadership academy offers Young people aged 11-17 an introduction to various roles and opportunities within gymnastics, it helps them to identify their strengths and the aspects of gymnastics they enjoy whether it be coaching, judging or event organisation. It also encourages young people to stay in sport for longer and into their adult life.

There are 5 topic areas within the programme that our Young Leaders work towards:

MY Learning: Young Leaders are offered a number of different courses, both generic and sport specific.

MY Development: Young Leaders will be given a mentor to work alongside and learn from throughout the programme

MY Volunteering: Young Leaders are given the opportunity to volunteer within the club’s classes whilst learning from their mentor. They are also encouraged to get involved in club and regional events.

MY Future: Young leaders will produce a development plan for themselves, they are then able to work towards these goals throughout the programme.

MY Projects: Young Leaders will work together to identify a project they would like to plan and complete that benefits the club and their members. This may be to organise an event, fundraiser or team building activity at the club.

Our young leaders play a vital role in the day to day running of our classes, they work alongside our coaching team as they progress through the programme at their own pace. It is a great opportunity to meet other like minded individuals and is a great access route into coaching developing  your confidence, independence and a strong work ethic. 

If you are interested in joining our leadership academy or would like any further information please get in touch!

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